There are times when you can’t find what you need ‘off the shelf’. If you have something specific that you need making up, I may be able to help!

It may be leather straps for vintage cars, a favourite buckle that needs a new belt or something that has worn out and you need to replace it using the same specifications. I mostly work in thicker bridle leathers so I can’t promise that I create what you’re looking for, particularly if you need something made in the thinner finer leathers like watchstraps & wallets. You’d need to locate someone who specialises in light-leathergoods or even bookbinding for this type of work. There are many disciplines in the world of leatherwork which do have techniques and tools in common but are also individual in their particular field of expertise.

I really enjoy collaborating with other crafts people and makers and have been lucky to work on some great projects with designers, basket-makers, woodworkers, furniture makers, silver smiths and also antique restorers over the years.

Please emailor telephone me (01981 500540) to discuss your commission.


Sometimes accidents happen – your dog chews through it’s lead or the stitching has worn through age, wear and tear. Good quality leathergoods should last many years with the proper care so it’s often more economical to repair those leather items than having to buy new, and we’re all conscious of the pennies! It may just be a favourite old dog lead or bridle that has sentimental attachment…..

If it’s something that I’ve made for you and it simply needs re-stitching, there will be no charge just the normal cost of postage and packing. If any of the metal fittings also need replacing, there will be a cost to cover the materials and postage only.
Accidental damage repairs will be charged according to the time and materials required. I also repair and alter saddlery items though unfortunately I’m no longer able to take on any saddle repairs.

Other non-ESB Leather items can be repaired too, just contact me to discuss what you need doing and I’ll give you a quote. All I ask it that you please make sure items are clean before you send them to me!

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Decorated belt

This decorated leather belt is really a scaled up version of my Clincher dog collars. This one is 20mm wide and decorated with pressed brass clinchers and a ballstar each end. These type of decorations require a lining to the back of the leather to protect the fastenings of the decorations and give a neat overall finish. The lining is hand-stitched along the length of the decorated section. The client chose a solid brass roller buckle and dee ring to complete the belt – these are the same as those I usually fit to my dog collars.
This type of belt is very time consuming to make and quite costly on materials though very satisfying to create and stunning to wear!

Bespoke Belts

This is an example of a bespoke belt made to a client’s specifications. He had acquired the beautiful silver buckle set and asked me to make up a belt in Chestnut bridle leather to suit it. The main belt is 38mm wide with a 20mm overlaid fastening, hand stitched.

My own Ranger belts are a similar design, available in 2 versions.

If you have a buckle (old or new) and would like a suitable belt making to your specifications then get in touch!

Bespoke belt

I was commissioned by a client to produce a Navy leather belt to fit this beautiful antique silver nurses buckle, for his wife, a nurse. The belt is quite wide and these were traditionally worn as part of the nurses uniform, though this one is for casual wear. This type of buckle has a concealed clasp in the centre so it opens into 2 halves. I had to make the belt with some means of adjustability and this was achieved by creating a discreet overlapping adjustment at the back of the belt, secured with a small silver button stud.

New rolled leather handles

A new pair of rolled leather handles was needed to bring this fashion bag back into useful service after the original faux leather ones fell apart! Rolled leatherwork is something of a speciality and especially good for handles. The leather is wet moulded and burnished so the handles keep their shape and are really comfortable in the hand.

New leather handles fitted

I made new raised leather handles to match the originals which had sadly perished over the years on this lovely vintage Italian leather vanity case

Vintage car bonnet strap

These are bespoke items that I’ve made numerous times over the years, each one slightly different to exactly fit the particular car. This one is made in 4mm Chestnut British bridle leather in 38mm width. It has chrome plated staples to attach it to the car body and a solid brass harness buckle to fasten across the bonnet. It also has a buckle guard to protect the paintwork form any possible contact with the buckle.

Leather book-carrying strap

I was commissioned to make a version of a classic American book-carrying strap – those of you who remember The Little House on the Prairie might recognise this! It’s made in 3.5mm Chestnut coloured British bridle leather with solid brass dee rings

New leather handles for Luis Vuitton trunk

Another collaborative commission, this time with local antiques restorer Neil Postons. He was restoring a vintage Luis Vuitton trunk for a client and required some new leather handles to replace the originals, now perished and broken. I was able to match the colour and create a pair or new handles, with slightly padded profile. The shape of the handles was entirely hand cut using the originals to create a template. Each handle was comprised of 3 identical pieces of leather handstitched together.

Replacement vintage gun case straps

Gun case repairs and refurbishment is something I do quite a lot of. This is example is a straightforward job, using the original buckles and specifications from the old broken straps to create replica new leather straps. The old leather has become very dry and brittle over years of use and sadly, a lack of care to  keep the leather supple and strong.