New website coming very soon!

I will be launching my brand new website imminently, just putting the finishing touches to it!
I'm also hoping to be able to take part in some shows and events during 2021, though sadly there have already been a few cancellations for the first half of the year, so keep checking for updates here and on my social media accounts.

For now, it's business as usual for mail orders although I'm still experiencing some delays for delivery of materials, particularly brassware due to Covid restrictions severely affecting production at the foundry. This is leading to slight delays in making up and supplying certain leathergoods to you for the time being, but the situation is improving! Please contact me if you need something urgently and I will try to help.
Due to the current restrictions, I'm unable to accept any visitors to my workshop at the moment.

All orders of £75 or more will include a free 65ml Sedgwicks Leathercare and free UK delivery on all orders of £100 or more!

Due to the current Covid 19 situation, I have updated my Terms and Conditions. If you need to return an item for any reason, please contact me first as a longer returns period can be arranged to allow for delays caused by the restrictions. Please do not return anything to ESB Leather if you have Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has, until your isolation period is completed.

Thank you very much for your support and patience during these very strange and difficult times. Please keep safe and well everyone. Emma x


Alongside my regular range of leathergoods, I am asked to design and produce many other interesting things specified by my clients. I work closely with clients to ensure that the end product fits their needs and purpose; here are some of them...

In 2008, I worked with Malvern based Sterling Silver buckle-maker Ed Wiltshear to produce a set of commemorative belts for the Team GB eventers, Mary King, William Fox-Pitt, Tina Cook, Daisy Dick & Sharon Hunt which was a huge honour.
In 2010, I was commissioned to make a range of hound collars for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood film. They needed a selection of traditional plain leather hound collars and also some of the more elaborated style embellished with brass decorations.
2015 saw another request from the props depatment, this time Warner Bros. I was commissioned to produce a couple of collars for the lead dog in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' written by JK Rowling; the film was released in November 2016. This was very exciting and a top secret commission until the film was released. 
My foray in to film props December 2016 I was contacted by the props buyer from Sony films and was commissioned to produce a range of collars and leads for the canine actors taking part in a major film which was released in 2018 - Holmes and Watson, a new comedy version staring Hugh Laurie and Will Ferrell. Filming with these dogs was due to take place in early January 2017 so it was a very quick turnaround! What next???
Well, next came another film commission for a period collar and lead for the French Bulldog appearing alongside Keira Knightley in 'Colette', released in January 2019.

I've also been carrying out repair & restoration work on leather items for the National Trust, which is another very interesting line of leatherwork - saddles are certainly not made like they used to be!

And here are a few other of the unusual commissions I have made, just click on any image to see it enlarged; I will add more as they are created...

Period dog collar and lead comissioned for the film Colette

A striking Navy leather dog collar with brass stud decoration and matching lead - made in period style for the film Colette

bookstrap burnedresized
Leather book carrying strap
I was commissioned to make a version of a classic American book-carrying strap - those of you who remember The Little House on the Prairie might recognise this!

Bespoke Havana dog collar with gemstones and cameos

This bespoke collar features a brass monogram, cameos and pink gem stones set in brass mounts. They are set on to a dark Havana leather collar with a contrasting cream soft padded leather lining.

vanitycase burnedresized
New leather handles on vintage vanity case
New raised leather handles to match the originals which had sadly perished over the years on this vintage Italian vanity case

malachite collarresized2 burned
Navy dog collar set with Malachite stones

Another unique dog collar in navy leather with a dark green padded leather lining to complement the rich green Kenyan Malachite stones which are set on to the collar in brass mounts.

utilitybelt burnedresized
Havana leather utility belt
A 2″ (50cm) wide leather belt in dark Havana. It features detachable loops for dee rings and swivel snap hooks for attaching tools or dog leads. It was made with plenty of room for adjustment so that it can be worn over different clothes and coats.

Heavy duty wide Chestnut leather over-belt with attachments

This a heavy duty belt which can be worn over a thick coat, so plenty of adjustment needed! It has securely fitted strong solid brass dees each side so that dog leads can be attached. This was  for a gentleman who had a number of strong dogs to walk at once, so provided an extra pair of hands and supported his back too, being 10cm/4" wide

wriststraps burnedresized
Havana leather wrist supports
Leather wrist supports - the wrap around design provides support for carrying out heavy manual work.

kiltbelt burnedresized
Black leather kilt belt
Bespoke wide black leather belt for a Scottish kilt, with a double buckle strap