Important Message from Emma!

I will not be able to do any post-Christmas exchanges after 7th January!
I'm down to one hand for a while following repair surgery so I only have limited stock at the moment and unable to make any new or commissioned items until sometime in April, (hopefully!) so please check availability with me before ordering!
Apologies for any delays and inconvenience.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for your continued support! Emma


Comfortable, effective leather control halter in a figure of 8 style which fits over the dog's muzzle and behind the ears. More comfortable than other halters as it is controlled from behind the ears not by pulling directly on the muzzle. Seems to be effective on the most hardened of pullers!

It's available in any of the colours, choice of 2 widths and various sizes to suit small up to very large dogs.

Sizing - To help you work out which size you need for your dog, the total length of the leather for each size is as follows:-
  • Small/medium     34″ (86cm)
  • Medium/large      43″ (106cm)
  • Large/ex-large     50″ (122cm)
Try using a tape or piece of string in these lengths looped into a figure of eight to find the most suitable size - you will need a little extra length to allow the loop behind the ears to loosen when the dog is not pulling and also to allow for fitting and removing the halter comfortably. If you prefer to be able to control the amount of looseness on the halter, you can opt for a leather stopper to be added so that the halter can be kept in a fixed position. Then just slide the stopper down the strap to loosen the halter.


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Figure of 8 Dog Halters

Leather Dog Halter - 1/2″ (12mm) width

Figure of 8 Leather Dog Halter for small/med dogs


Leather Dog Halter - 5/8″ (16mm) width

Figure of 8 Leather Dog Halter for medium/large dogs