Leather Dog Halters

Leather Dog halters are a really effective, simple way to control & lead your dog if it’s ‘puller’.
The simple figure-of-8 design in one continuous length of leather, allows it to be fully adjustable to fit any size of head & muzzle.
Bridle leather is a natural breathable material and is far less likely to cause abrasion on the sensitive muzzle area than synthetic fabric halters.
They are available in a choice of colours, 3 sizes and are made from best quality British bridle leather with solid brass or nickel rings.
There is an option to add a moveable leather stopper which allows you to restrict how far the halter can loosen once fitted on the dog’s head.
They seem to be especially effective on dogs which are renowned pullers! The design allows the dog to be lead from behind the ears rather than pulling on the muzzle.
The Small/Med is made in 1/2″ (12mm) width British bridle leather, the Med/Large size is available in both 12mm & 16mm widths and the Large/Ex Large size is in 5/8″ (16mm) width.

  • Small/Med size fits terrier type up to small spaniels,
  • Med/Large size fits bigger breeds like Springers, Labradors, GSDs etc and the
  • Large/Ex Large size is suitable for very large breeds like Mastiffs, St Bernards etc.

They are available in right & left-handed versions depending which side your dog walks, so if your dog walks on your left, please order Left-hand; if your dog walks on your right side, please order Right-hand.

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