Leather Half-Choke Dog Collars

My leather half-choke dog collars are made from superb Sedgwicks English bridle leathers and are good control collars for use in training and walking dogs on a lead or in the show ring. For safety, this type of collar is not recommended to be left on your dog if unsupervised because they can fall off over the head or your dog could get a paw caught in the chain.

They are available as an adjustable collar, with options for opening (i.e. buckle opens completely) and non-opening versions, the latter has to be passed over the dog’s head to be fitted.
They’re also available as a non-adjustable rolled leather half-choke collar which is very popular for showing, and wide (martingale) sight-hound half-choke collars which are ideal for all breeds with long slender necks. Please note these two versions have to be fitted by passing over your dogs head.

Choose from a range of colours, widths & sizes, all with either solid brass or nickel-plated (silver) brass chains and buckles. The half-choke hound collars also have an optional soft padded leather lining.

Sizing – Please take care when choosing the collar size – the choices are for the length of the leather only. You need to choose a length which can be at least 2″ (5cm) less than your dog’s neck circumference measured at the narrowest part of the dog’s neck; this is normally near the top of the neck behind the ears where this type of collar should be placed for best effect. The light and medium weight chains add an extra 5″ (12.5cm), the heavy weight chain add 5.5″ (14cm) when fully extended.
For example, if your dog’s neck measures 12″ (30cm), you probably need to order 10″ length in the non-adjustable rolled and sight-hound half choke or 8″ -12″ in the adjustable half choke collar which can then be fastened at 10″ length. The chain will make up the distance and provide control as it tightens.
Make sure that the chosen size can pass comfortably over your dog’s head & ears – try it out with a loop of string! Some breeds with large heads will need to have the opening buckle style to achieve the correct fit.

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