Christmas Delivery Times

Time to get your Christmas orders in - dreamstime s 35609016last date for Christmas orders is Friday 11th December!
Delivery times may be a little longer from now on as seasonal demand for orders is increasing. Please allow up to 14 working days for standard items. I can't promise delivery in time for Christmas for bespoke commissioned items though. 

All orders of £75 or more will include a free 65ml Sedgwicks Leathercare and free UK delivery!

Due to the escalating Covid 19 situation, I have updated my Terms and Conditions.If you need to return an item for any reason, please contact Emma first as a longer returns period can be arranged to allow for delays caused by the restrictions. Please do not return anything to ESB Leather if you have Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has, until your isolation period is completed.

Please keep safe and well everyone. Emma x


Here is a bit of guidance on my belt sizing and measurements. Traditionally the saddlery trade works in inches but you can use the Metric size guide to convert this easily.
Adult Classic, Wye Valley & Marshalsay belts have 7 holes spaced 1″ (25mm) apart.
Plaited, Laced & all Ranger belts have 5 holes spaced 1″ (25mm) apart.
The size indicates the measurement from the buckle, (but not including it) to the tightest (first) & loosest (last) holes. My sizing is based on the belt being usually fastened around the middle holes, but this is entirely your choice if you prefer a longer or shorter overlap, adjust the size ordered as required!
Use the guide below to choose the best size for your needs. 
Please contact me if you'd like any variation to these standard sizes.

Adult belt sizing guide
Order your
Classic, Wye Valley &
Marshalsay belts  
7 holes
Plaited, Laced &
Ranger belts 
5 holes
30″-36″ 32″-36″
32″-38″ 34″-38″
34″-40″ 36″-40″
36″-42″ 38″-42″
38″-44″ 40″-44″
42″/106cm 40″-46″ 42″-46″
44″/111cm 42″-48″ 44″-48″
46″/116cm 44″-50″ 46″-50″
48″/122cm 46″-52″ 48″-52″
50″/127cm 48″-54″ 50″-54″