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Abbey 1982 Saddlebalm is a made to a Walsall tannery’s formulation of over 100 years old, & made from only natural ingredients including tallow, wax and oil. It is recommended for use on all leathergoods old and new, it will be absorbed and will nourish and keep leather supple, also protecting from rotting.
It is only available in 500ml size.

It’s like butter – fairly firm when stored in a cool place but softens when warm – it’s easier to apply like this! Just use an old clean cotton cloth to apply to every part of the leather then leave overnight when it can be buffed up with a clean soft bristled shoe brush. No need to wash out your cloth – leave it ready to rub over your leather next time! It will also enhance the appearance when leathers have become marked or scratched with use.
Use regularly on new leather to protect & to encourage it to become very supple, then use periodically to maintain condition and prevent drying & cracking of the leather. It’s great for your hands too!

For dog leads, saddlery etc, clean any mud, sweat and grease off first with warm water and sponge or an old piece of towelling. The saddlebalm can be applied to slightly damp leather but allow the leather to dry naturally before using it again or it may tend to stretch a little.


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