Rolled Leather Half-choke Dog Collars


A neat hand-rolled British bridle leather half-choke collar also suitable for showing. Collar size is for the leather part only.
If unsure which size you need, please check with me first.
Size Guide


Neat rolled leather half-choke dog collars made in British bridle leathers and fitted with a solid brass circle chain. Perfect for the show ring but can be used on all dogs for everyday use where a bit of extra control is needed or for dogs who are prone to slipping out of their collars! These collars are narrow so not ideal for strong pullers, a wider flat design is better. They are great for long-haired dogs too as they don’t damage the coat like a wider collar can.
Please note, these collars should ideally be used under supervision and not left on the dog when off the lead – they can fall off over the head or get caught and cause an injury.

Widths and Chains:
Half-choke collars are only handmade to order and available in choice of sizes, thicknesses, colours and chain weights.
6mm and 8mm rolled half-choke collars are fitted with a lightweight chain
10mm rolled half-choke collars are fitted with a mediumweight chain
12mm rolled half-choke collars are fitted with a heavyweight chain
The chains are made of solid brass or if you prefer a silver finish, choose the nickel-plated brass option.

The sizes given are for the length of the leather, not including the chain – this adds about another 5″ (12.5cm) with the light and medium weight chains and 5.5″ (14cm) with the heavy chain. Take care when ordering as these collars are not adjustable and have to be fitted by passing over your dog’s head. You will need the length of the rolled leather to be a good 2″ (5cm) less than the dog’s neck measurement (narrowest part at top of neck) for a good effective fit, but you will then need to check that the total circumference of collar + chain will fit comfortably over your dog’s head and ears. You could use a length of string or cord to try this out before you order.

Please note, these collars are made to order only so check with me if you are unsure of the size required. 

Additional information


6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm


8 inches (20cm), 9 inches (22.5cm), 10 inches (25.5cm), 11 inches (28cm), 12 inches (30.5cm), 13 inches (33cm), 14 inches (35.5cm), 15 inches (38cm), 16 inches (40.5cm), 17 inches (43cm), 18 inches (45.5cm), 19 inches (48cm), 20 inches (50.5cm), 21 inches (53cm), 22 inches (56cm)


Black, Chestnut, Dark Green, Dark Havana, Hazel, Navy


Brass, Nickel


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