Rolled Leather Slip (Choker) Dog Collars


Classic hand-rolled, handstitched leather slip (choker) collar, individually handmade to order.
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Rolled leather slip/choker collars are similar to flat leather slip collars but are hand rolled and moulded with a burnished finish for a smooth rounded shape. This is a great collar for longer coated dogs as it won’t damage the hair like a wider flat collar might. This is an ideal collar for extra control as a training aid or for dogs who are prone to reversing and slipping out of their collars. The collar will tighten around the neck when you apply tension to the lead or the dog is pulling, the collar will loosen again when you relax the lead or when the dog stops pulling!

There are solid cast rings fitted to each end, choose either solid brass or nickel-plated (silver) brass.
Rolled slip collars are ordered by length of the leather, and the actual fully opened internal circumference is usually about 2″ (5cm) less than the length of the leather, so make sure the length you choose is big enough to pass comfortably over your dog’s head, as they do not open out flat.

They are a type of choker collar, so are not recommended to leave on your dog when it’s unsupervised – you may find the collar comes off over the head (& gets eaten!!) or there is a risk of strangling if the collar gets caught up on anything! For most types of dog, the length you need to order will be the dog’s neck measurement + 4″/10cm but do check the ideal length you need.

Rolled slip collars are available in a choice of colours, thicknesses and lengths.

Please take care of your collar from new with a good Leathercare product – it will supple up the leather and keep it in great condition for years of use.

Additional information


6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm


14 inches (35.5cm), 15 inches (38cm), 16 inches (40.5cm), 17 inches (43cm), 18 inches (45.5cm), 19 inches (48cm), 20 inches (50.5cm), 21 inches (53cm), 22 inches (56cm), 23 inches (58.5cm), 24 inches (61cm), 25 inches (63.5cm), 26 inches (66cm), 27 inches (68.5cm), 28 inches (71cm)


Black, Chestnut, Dark Green, Dark Havana, Hazel, Navy


Brass, Nickel


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