Leather Colours

Colours  L-R, Havana, Green, Hazel, Red, Navy, Chestnut, Black

Chestnut, Hazel, Black, Navy, Red, Green, Dark Havana

Most of my products are available in a choice of  colours in this superb British bridle leather, produced by the world renowned Sedgwick & Co tannery. Just click on any of the individual colours below to see a larger image and more details. Please check individual product details for the colours available.

Most of these leathergoods are made from 3.5 – 4mm  single thickness of leather, not thinner leathers stitched or glued together! This gives a very hard-wearing strong product, which just improves with age and use if looked after becoming more supple not at all stiff. The cattle halters and heavier weight items are made from 4.5 – 5mm thickness which is then often stitched together in multiple layers depending on the finished item & the strength required.

These images will give you an idea of the colours but please remember these will vary depending on the device you are viewing them on and are not always a true likeness! 
Click on the images to see a larger version.

Brown in 3 shades – Havana, Hazel and Chestnut

Havana Spliced lead, Hazel and Chestnut Classic leads (L-R)

The traditional bridle brown, like dark chocolate is dark Havana. It’s the darkest of the 3 shades of brown that I use. Looks great with brass fittings but the choice is yours if you prefer nickel (silver), though it’s usual for bridles to have stainless steel buckles.
If you prefer a mid-brown, then Chestnut is the one! Sedgwicks call this colour Australian Nut, but I call it Chestnut as it has a warm glow, like a conker and is a really popular colour.
Hazel is the lightest of the 3 shades of brown bridle leather that I use. Sedgwicks call this one Conker but I would describe it as a mid-tan and a bit like a good whisky in colour, so Hazel is a better name! It will mellow and darken naturally with use.

Dark Green

Daisy dog collar in dark green leather

A gorgeous dark green like an evergreen ivy. Looks smart & classy with either the brass or nickel fittings.


Black Raised collar with tan padded lining with matching Classic lead in Black leather

Black is black! Both brass and nickel fittings look good with this.


Classic hound collar in Red leather with black edges

A fabulous bright red, which I usually finish with a striking black edge as shown above.  I can also finish the edges in a matching red, as shown below, on request. The red leather will gradually darken over time with wear and use of leathercare. This is because bridle leather is porous so it will absorb some dirt and grease. This is harmless if the collar is cleaned and treated with a good leather conditioner regularly.  It looks good with either the brass or nickel fittings.

Red leather with red edges


Daisy and Classic hound collars in Navy leather

A classic navy which looks good with both solid brass and the silver coloured nickel fittings.
A fabulous colour for a belt but stunning with any of the coloured padded linings for a dog collar too.

Care of Your Leather


PLEASE TAKE NOTE – I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to care for your leathergoods, whatever purpose they are to be used for.

I only use the best British bridle leathers produced and hand-finished  in Walsall by Sedgwick and Co, who have been renowned for their quality since 1900. These vegetable-tanned, semi-aniline leathers DO NOT have a Waterproof finish and so must be treated regularly from new to keep the leather in top condition, supple, long-lasting and also to prevent any transfer of surface colour when wet. It is the ideal ‘working’ leather – strong, supple and attractive due to the quality of the hides and great care taken in producing them.
Please refer to the Leathercare page for further details and information