Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about ESB Leather and the products. Hopefully you’ll find the answer to your query but if not, please email Emma or telephone on (+44) (0)1981 500540.

What type of leather is it?

I use only the best British bridle leathers mainly supplied by the Sedgwick & Co Ltd tannery in Walsall. I use this leather because it is excellent quality and can be used as a working leather which means it is highly suited to leathergoods that are going to be well used in all sorts of conditions. It is happy to get wet, muddy and sweaty as long as you take good care of it and regularly clean it and then use a good leather conditioner or leather food to nourish it and keep it supple.

The thickness of the leather is 3.5 – 4mm for most items but a thicker 4.5 – 5mm leather is used for cattle halters, headcollars, stirrup leathers etc.

Can I get my leather wet?

Yes, it is happy to get wet, muddy and sweaty as long as you take good care of it and regularly clean it and then use a good leather conditioner or leather food to nourish it and keep it supple. You really need to ‘feed’ the leather from new and this will protect and supple the leather. I supply some leathercare products made by the tanneries which are excellent

Will the dye run from the leather?

If you use a leather food/conditioner on the new leather and regularly thereafter there will be little or no colour transfer as the leather will be effectively sealed. At the tannery the leather is finished with a blend of tallow, oil and wax which locks in the dyed surfaces of the leather whilst leaving the leather porous to allow it to ‘breathe’. Through use over time, this nourishing finish is gradually removed, hence the need to use a leather food periodically to replace it. Think of it like your own skin – it needs a moisturiser to keep it healthy & supple! If you don’t care for your leather, it will gradually become dry and the surface will become paler and eventually it will be liable to crack and break. This will happen much sooner if the leather is regularly getting wet but left untreated, for example if your dog regularly swims in his collar, you need to treat it often with a good leather food to keep it soft and supple.
This type of leather will naturally tend to darken in colour over the years and this is more noticeable on the lighter colours – the Red will eventually darken to a burgundy colour.

How thick is the leather?

The thickness of the leather is 3.5 – 4mm for most items but a thicker 4.5 – 5mm leather is used for cattle halters, headcollars, stirrup leathers etc.

How do I care for my leather?

As soon as you receive your new leathergoods, I recommend that you use a good leather food or conditioner. You probably need to do it daily for the first week then periodically after that depending how you are using it. If your leather gets wet, allow it to dry naturally then apply a good leatherfood to replace the lost oils and restore suppleness. If you have a dog that swims a lot, you will need to do this regularly, but no need to leave the collar off the dog, just wipe over the leather and give it a good rub with leatherfood and replace on the dog. With collars, please take care to apply leatherfood all around the buckle area. If you have ever owned horses and used to caring for saddlery, then you just need to look after this leather the same way. But please don’t think saddle soap is enough initially – when any leather is new, you need a deeply penetrating leatherfood to give the nourishing suppleness; once this is achieved you can top up with saddle soap.
If you don’t ever use a leatherfood, you will dramatically shorten the life of your leathergoods – the leather will eventually crack and may break because it has become so dry that it loses its ability to bend and flex. With good care there is no reason why your leather shouldn’t see you through many years of good service.

Do you guarantee your products?

Every item is individually handmade to the highest standard using the best materials but if an item fails you within 12 months from purchase, I will repair or replace it as long as it has been correctly cared for and not damaged through accidental damage or misuse. I also offer an exchange or refund, if you find on delivery that the item is the wrong size, unsuitable or faulty. Leather is a natural material and if not cared for correctly it may become dry and eventually crack and break, so please take care of it and it will take care of you for many years!
Through normal wear and age, you may find eventually (usually after many years) that the stitching may need replacing and I will do this free of charge, you just need to pay for the postage! I can also replace worn metalwork, e.g. trigger clip on a lead, for a small charge to cover material cost and postage. 

How do I know what size to order?

I give sizes in inches and cm/mm and there are size guides for dog collars and belts. Dog collars are sized by total length of the leather not by neck size so you need to refer to the guide to find the correct length for your dog’s neck. Belts are generally sized by the length to 1st and last holes with a suggested waist size.
If you’re in any doubt just contact me for advice.

Can you make a custom size/item for me?

Yes, that’s no problem. Just let me have your specifications and I’ll work out a price and timescale for it.

Can you make belt to fit a buckle I already have?

Almost certainly! This is something I do fairly regularly and as long as the buckle is not a very flimsy lightweight type, then I should be able to make up a suitable belt from your specifications. Just contact me with your details.

What's the difference between the brass and nickel fittings?

Most of the fittings are produced for me at a unique old British brass foundry in Walsall, West Midlands, the heart of the traditional equestrian trades. The buckles and fittings are produced to an extremely high standard and all hand finished. The brass is solid cast and polished, the nickel (silver coloured) fittings are actually solid cast brass which have then been given a long-lasting nickel plating, then polished. Both are equally high quality, strong and long-lasting, and won’t rust either. Many ‘chrome’ silver finished metal fittings widely used in mass produced leather goods are actually nickel-plated iron, which when chipped or well worn, will eventually rust.

Do I have to register to order?

No, you can place an order as a ‘guest’ user and checkout without registering your details. But you will have to enter your contact details for the purpose of administrating and despatching your order, however this information will not be available to you in future unless you have registered. Any details you enter are securely stored and encrypted and used only as stated in our Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions of use of this website. If you have registered, it will also speed up the process for you when you want to order again as your details will automatically be filled in, once you have logged in.

How long does delivery take?

Most items will be up to 7 – 10 working days for delivery. Please allow longer for overseas delivery. Made to measure and made to order items (see individual product details) can take up to 28 working days so please allow enough time for this if you require items for a specific date! Occasionally unavoidable delays happen – there may be a production delay with leather from the tannery or metalwork from the foundry. These things are beyond my control but I will notify you as soon as possible if there is likely to be a delay with your order.

Can I return something I've bought to exchange it or get a refund?

You’ll find full details on what can and can’t be exchanged or refunded for on the Delivery and Returns and Terms and Conditions pages.

Can I view my previous orders?

Yes, if you have previously registered and ordered on this website. Just login and then you can see all of your registered account information which you can edit/update, as well as details of your previous orders. If you have ordered without registering i.e. as a ‘guest’ user, then none of this information will be available.

Can I leave a review for a product I've bought from you?

Yes please! If you’d like to leave a review for one of my ESB Leather products, that would be really helpful for other customers, and also for me – I can use this feedback to help me develop or enhance the products even more.

You’ll need to be registered on this website, then login and navigate to the product that you’d like to review. On the Reviews tab, next to the  Product Description, enter your star rating and a comment in the box and hit the Submit button.

Thank you, all of your comments and feedback are much appreciated.