Bespoke Made to Measure Bridles

Bespoke made to measure bridles are individually handmade to ensure the best possible fit. This in turn will improve your horse’s performance. Most off the peg sizes will compromise on fit for most horses and ponies; for example, the headpiece or browband may be too short resulting in ears being pinched and that will have a negative effect on your horses performance because they’re uncomfortable!

My bridles are entirely handmade and handstitched using the best British bridle leathers from Sedgwick & Co in Walsall, world renowned for their quality. They will look smart and outlast manufactured alternatives, giving many years of excellent service. Bridles can be made as a simple Cavesson and Hunter type, Double, Comfort and for ridden  or in-hand showing. Various styles of nosebands and browbands can be made to suit the use and the horse.

If you’re interested in having a made to measure bridle for your horse or pony, please contact me to discuss your requirements and I can give you an idea of cost and timescale.  I will need your horse’s measurements if you decide to go ahead so please download a Bridle Measurement Chart for guidance.

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